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Hello everyone, and welcome to, your ultimate source of secret long overdue about money workings. I am Claude and I will be walking you through all the knowledge and best books you need to financially succeed.

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I always wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since I was in high school. I took all the time it took me because the same belief that many people have about making money that is discouraging. Namely, the belief that those who have money do not want others to have it. I searched and searched but still ignored one key area: to find out from those who made it; the rich people. Later, with a lot of trial and errors, as usual, my best friend did land on the right people, through a business idea he was attempting. Since then, he and I have been swimming in the ocean of priceless information on how rich people become rich. Tones of great books of personal accounts and research-based about how to make it and step by step guidance are accessible to all. And guess what we found out, those resources are out there, but probably not in your school’s library. Why? Probably because folks wouldn’t believe in the promises they offer and read them as much as they do for novels, science fiction, and memoirs.


Naturally, I like to share information. I always feel like, whenever you are with someone, one of you has more information that is unknown and important to the other and vice versa. So, the time you spend together should be about exchanging that information. You can say like updating with each other on financial success for instance instead of spreading a rumor that ends up hurting somebody. Also, I know there are a lot of folks who are working hard out there trying to make it in life but who are not taking the right direction due to misinformation.

I can personally reach out to some people, friends, and families. But, through here, I know I can reach out to a lot more out there. l go with the say that if one is poor, it is their choice; you may not agree with it, but I challenge you to acquire that knowledge which will be shared with you from here and tell me about it later. Last but not least, helping is rewarding. If one day you will be happy because of me, I am sure, I will, as well.


The goal of my website is to wake you up to ways of financial success long hidden away from most people. As you will find out, RICHES IS IN YOUR HEAD. How to explore it is what we will find out soon. Riches is not about how much money you make at your current job, but rather, how much you keep and how long you can keep it, as Robert Kiyosaki puts it. In the end, It is about how you behave with your money that counts. Those resources will shed more light on this and a lot more. I invite you to lay your hands on them, allow them to guide you, and you shall be like them. I was blessed to know about it, and so should you! Are you willing…?

You will learn how money works, your bank and your employer will probably hate me for revealing this to you all. If you never gave a thought about what banks do with your money, it is the right time. Remember that when you deposit, instead of you paying them for the service they offer you to protect your money from thieves, they pay you. Why is that? The same is, whenever you work hard at your job, you make your boss richer while you screw yourself even more. Surprised! If not right now, wait until your Are 50 years old, starting to worry about retiring. You might say that you have your 401K, and other plans, yes, great. Do you know how to use them in your favor, though?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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