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Paul Kagame Biography – Genius On SMART Goal Setting

President Paul Kagame is the head of the Republic of Rwanda and a champion of economic development in the world. Rwanda is a country, in East Africa, that saw the genocide of Tutsi bringing it down to its knees, in 1994. Without Paul Kagame, there would have been no Rwanda economic development, today. Judging from what they passed through, Rwandans should only be […]

SMART Goal Setting Examples- For The Money Minded

We all claim to have goals, targets and a clear direction of where we are working towards. But, since action speaks louder than words, it is time to put your claim in check against a well-defined actionable claim. Namely, a SMART claim, or a S.M.A.R.T goal. What Is a S.M.A.R.T Goal? SMART is usually an acronym for Specific: As the word says, it […]

How To Become Rich At A Young Age-Cracking The Code Of The Rich

We have been accustomed to feel like only those who are richer will continue to get richer. But this trend is only so because we, the poor, allow that precedent to become a natural law in personal finance. Let’s wake up! A Wake-Up Call For Financial Success From the say that “Opportunity comes once in a lifetime”, Whether you agree with it or […]

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