This can be realized. It sounds like great news and it is. While many people repeat the same saying of “American Dream” very few among them go as far as to find out if the dream can be realized.

The good news is that many entities have also done the same to make sure that everyone can, indeed, live that American dream of how to buy a house, no down payment. From where?

VA LoanSteps To Building A house

The United States Department of Veteran Affair Loan is the most popular in offering the flexibility of buying a house with no down payment. Zero money down. So, congratulations service members, your dedication has paid off.

These loans are backed by the United States office Veteran Affairs and offered by approved lending institutions.

If saving for years to get 20% down required for a conventional loan is what was holding you in the apartment with the guy upstairs causing sleepless nights, and you’re a service member, former service member or an immediate relative, then, your problem should be over.

Check with your nearest VA office and talk to them for additional eligibility requirements. Find your office here.


The United States Department of Agriculture loans are a little stricter than VA loans are. The house you build or buy needs to be in an approved geographical area. Those areas are rural or city suburbs. Luckily enough, some people like to be secluded from congestion, large backyard or customized home.

If that is you, then, a zero down loan is awaiting from USDA. You can buy a house with no down payment with them except that there may be some additional terms and conditions which they will communicate with you when you contact them.

The value of the house that you can buy will be different based on the county you intend to live in. Just make sure that your have a good credit history and no default on previous loans

A first-time homeowner is very welcome. You can find the USDA loan program here.

Doctor Loan Program

In addition to the US government backed loan, there are other no down payment loans based on academics. High skilled members of our society, some doctors do qualify for buying a house with little to zero down payment, even before landing their first job.

Most if not all doctors in healthcare are qualified to borrow up to 1 million worth of a house with their student loan counted out of their debts in the qualification process.

To qualify for doctor loan program, your must be in one of these specialties:

  • Licensed Medical Residents, Fellows, Medical Physicians (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  • Dentists (DDS/DMD)
  • Podiatrists, Optometrists and Veterinarians.

You can see the list of major national banks offering the Doctor Loan Program here The requirements may not be the same for all doctors in different specialties. When you contact the lender, they will tell you your own qualification criteria.

Credit Unions Members Loan

Some credit unions may offer a buy-house-no-down-payment option to their members. If your bank or credit union does not offer this option and would like one, then shop around. You might need to become their member as a condition to offering you the loan.

That means to open an account with them and satisfy other requirements. Nasa credit union and Navy Federal credit union are great examples.

General Qualification For Any Mortgage Loan

Before shopping for any mortgage or any loan at all, it is wise to have few things straightened up first.

  • You have a good steady income
  • You make your payment of time or your are about to start doing so, this time
  • You have a good credit score, 700 plus or your know how to build it
  • You are planning to enhance your income by starting a career or a business


In every mortgage situation, you will find disclosure documents. Some of them will be from a government agency and some others from a lender office. All of those will tell your things such as not to inflate your income for chances of qualification or to base your decision under the presumption that your income will increase in the future.

Is it a bad idea to play such a financial game? Personally, I don’t think it is. Why? Because if your income is from a general labor today, do you plan to be doing the same job in the next 30 years? If your answer is yes, then you should sit within the guidelines of the warnings.

Do you see yourself initiating a business in the near future, starting a career rather than clinging to general labor? If that is a yes, then you can take those risks of financial games.

In any case of qualification for buying a house with no down payment, it’s a risk already, unless you really love what you do, and will still love to do it again and again for 30 plus years.

That is so because since you did not put down anything, your monthly payment may be higher. You still can pay for it. However, you may not afford to have a little overage on a monthly basis to spend on fun stuff.

Life change, opportunities are abundant and so does personal finance. It usually does not have to be thirty years, unless you want it to be so.


If our new motto of buy house no down payment should answer your question if you are a service member or former service member or a relative, if you’re a medical doctor or a member of a credit union that offers such option.

You should be able to know the right department to contact for your optional path or follow the links that will surely take you there.

You may also consider enriching your decision by visiting other pages that talk about personal finance as ignorance is always very expensive.

The process of buying a house is the most expensive and requires a high level of financial decision-making with a lot of documents to sign. You do not have to be an expert in contracts as that is what real estates agents do.

However, knowing exactly what you want will comfort you before document signing and after the real estate and title servicing agents are out of the picture.

Once you land your house, you’re as good as an investor, and so, cultivating your mindset about investment wouldn’t hurt.

Please share your thoughts, questions and comment in the comments section below and spread the word!

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