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Time Is Not Money Time Is PricelessPlease try not to judge the book by its cover! By the time you leave here, you will be with your job. I promise. I believe that the only person who does not have a job right now is the one who did not sit up and go out to look for it.

I am sure you can agree with me on that. Or what do you think? If you are here, you took your first step towards getting one. Believe me, that is huge. Please answer the following question!

Do You Like Making Money?

If you are here, it means that you answered “Yes” to the question above. I appreciate that honesty.

Because I am not here to brag with you, please allow me to tell you about the money you just made.

Entrepreneurs say that education is an investment with a great interest return. So, the money you will be making is the one you will make for yourself; not for your employer.

Let me explain. When employees are pulling their hours at a workplace, they think that they are making money. Do you think so, too? If you do, then, what is the employer doing? Let’s rephrase!

If you think that you are making money when you are working per hour, what is your employer doing? Maybe this is not clear yet. In a business real world, you can only make money if you put money in the business. Do you bring money when you come to work?

One might say that time is money. uh,.. not really. Also, in business reality, time is more than money. You can say that time is priceless, if you may. If you don’t, I think so. You see, the time I have to live this life is on a countdown.

Just the same way they set a countdown on a game match overall time span, it is the same for me. This means that at some point in my future, my time to live will expire, or run out. And I will never have any lost time readjusted as they do in a match.

Therefore, is the pay an employer gets me enough for eight or more hours I would spend in the business? Not only do I not get paid, but also, my being there accelerate the countdown on my time to live.

This happens in sustained injuries, sores that will develop into minor or major disabilities not to talk about unseen exposures to harmful vapor, dust, and other chemicals that will cause cancers later in my life to live.

 If you bet on that, check the Department of Labor Statistics a yearly report of injuries and illnesses cases. If so far, so good on which money you can possibly make, together, we will see the job that you already have.

The Job You Did Not Know You

Did I, at least once in the past six months, realize that I have a full time job near me? I did. Did you? Which one? The business of preparing a comfortable future. I avoided saying “comfortable retirement” because this is assumably after 65 years.

What is what with 65 years? It is too long to wait. I am not a waiter. Funny enough! Yes, I am not actually a waiter. The moment I know what to do for not having to wait for 65, I just do it, right away.

How is this the job that I invited you here? Remember you said that you like making money. So, this is that time to make money that will make that future comfortable. What will you be doing has to be different from what you are looking for to be doing when you get the other job you are looking for.

You and I need to set one thing straight so that, you start that job, you will not what to do with it. We will get on how to get it. But it is worthwhile to really discuss what to do with it, other than just work is very important.

In case you believe that you really know what to do with your job, consider checking the other post on this site on the retirement checklist. However, let it be said that planning a comfortable financial future is your sole responsibility and full time job near you.

You realized that “near me” has “me” in it. “Me” here is fascinating because it is reflective. You needed to understand that it points to you. The nearest center is inside you. Therefore, that job is with you! It is more profitable, and more fun than any other. Employ yourself and others. I don’t mean to laugh at you! I will show you how.

Do Not Restrict Your Job Search!

It is my conviction that by now we are on the same page in the understanding that you have an unfilled job to satisfy. Even if you find the job you are looking for, leaving the one you already have behind, it might be no use.

Without a proper mindset about how you can actually make more money for yourself out of it, you will keep making more for your employer and the tax guy. If that idea has sunk in, we better look for the job now.

Whether career or not, every job without the aim of comforting your future is hard. So, it is useful to choose the lesser hard. With this said, in your search, try not to restrict yourself in one department. If you don’t know what I mean by departments, check on Craigslist, jobs section. Opportunity Chances Options Selection

  • You limit your opportunities by only browsing in one department.
  • You cannot afford to lose your house, for example, because you have to find your former job.
  • To know what you are looking for, check on the other post on this site that talks about the money puzzle box. The budget section can fill in your blanks.
  • If you find any job that satisfies that budget you are aiming at to start your business, take it.
  • The only good job is one that can be adequately utilized to prepare you the comfortable future. Check the smart goal settings to get an overview of how to run your job, the one you already have.
  • While you work at your workplace, you are a tool for the company. But, from this time, you can switch roles. they can be your tool as well. They use you, and so, you can use them to get what you want.
  • The person who waits until 65 is the only one who accepted to be a reliable tool. Hence, he or she cannot complain.
  • Anyone who tells you that there is a time where you have no option is not accurate. There is always an option. Please, find me an exceptional circumstance!
  • Remember, money does not care about how you earned and from where you earned it, it has the same value.

You Are Always Hiring!

As long as you are not sure of your comfortable financial future, you are always hiring. The best candidate for this job is always going to be you.

If you do not do it, they will do it for you. The difference is that you might lose the comfort. If someone else has to give you a job so that you can complement the social security, or any other pension monthly payment you receive, you will never retire.

You will instead work for as long as you still have minutes left on your time to live. Do you like that idea?

There are always opportunities out there. On how to get rich at a young age article, I  discuss some opportunities. Opportunities or chances are sought for, not waited for. One can only recognize them when there are in the game of looking for them.

This mindset is powerful. Some people believe that opportunities happen. They think that someone can just bump into or fall on them. But, this is just an illusionary idea. it is crippling so bad that those folks then do nothing. They just wait for an opportunity to happen one day.

Last week, a man in Chicago found $43,000.00 inside an ottoman of a couch he bought from a Habitat store of donated furniture. Was this an opportunity?

His first thought was to keep it; just like I would think. He later consulted a lawyer to find out the legality of keeping it.

The legal advice was in his favor. Unfortunately, the poor minded guy went out to seek for the original donor. This decision took away his luck. This example was to illustrate how just waiting does not work. Waiting for what? Like I said before, only those who are looking for them can recognize them the moment they pass by them.


To Wrap up this job search, it may not matter how long it may take you to find your next job, for now. What is important is that the next one you will find may be the last one.

I mean that, if you treat it as a start-up engine for your actual full time job which is the one that is with you, you will not need to work for someone else, ever again.

It will only depend on what venture you will consider to take in preparing your own work. However, worry not, because, it is true that there are a lot of opportunities out there.

It is true also that you want to make money; you already have a job to do that. That is the only way of making money. So, if you do not have any other resources to get started or a capital, your next job can be utilized to save.

Remember also that you are always hiring, banks and other parties are also ready to give you start-up money. It is always in one’s best interest to use other people’s money if you know how to do it.

I hope that I was able to find you the next best job.

Please feel free to ask questions and share with the people you care about their future!

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