Secrets About Money That No One Teaches In Schools

How To Become Rich At A Young Age-Cracking The Code Of The Rich

We have been accustomed to feel like only those who are richer will continue to get richer. But this trend is only so because we, the poor, allow that precedent to become a natural law in personal finance. Let’s wake up!

A Wake-Up Call For Financial Success

From the say that “Opportunity comes once in a lifetime”, Whether you agree with it or not, just ask yourself this question. Is your opportunity past, or yet to come, in your lifetime?

Many people answer differently to that question. I don’t know, or I guess it is past. Someone said to me, “I hope it will come”. For someone who hopes it will, I remind them of the following say; “Opportunity does not knock on the door”. Your door of opportunity should be always open for it to enter.

With opportunities, if you sit down and just hope, it may never come. Or, it may come and you may never know which one it was. Obviously, it is not fair to conclude that opportunities come only once. I’d say that they are always there but we only fail to recognize them.

Step To Recognizing Opportunities

If you are wondering how you wouldn’t recognize it, I will illustrate that with an example. Let’s say you are with a friend who is playing a puzzle game. He is playing, and you are doing your own stuff.

Along the way of his game, he misses a piece to fill in the spot so he can continue. He is stuck. You see him looking around, searching, but you have no idea what he is searching for. Between you and him, you look down on the floor and see a piece of the puzzle that resembles any other.

You pick it up and place it on the far corner of the table on which your friend is playing. That piece is the one he is looking for. But, you don’t know. Would you know if it is when you were not following his game? I guess not.

Going For Opportunities

That scenario above has much to do with opportunities for that someone who said that he hopes it will come. His statement confirms that he is not looking for opportunities. Accordingly, many of them may already have passed by him, are passing right now, and will continue to go by him unseen.

His eyes are not open to see opportunities, because he is not looking for them. Likewise, you cannot wish for a business project, a marriage, or skills to happen when you are sitting down and hoping that one day they shall come. You have to give it a thorough thought, map it, and get up to start implementing the plan to get the envisioned results.

Connecting School Knowledge To Life Challenges

Most people do get a hard time connecting what they learn in school to social life. This is true, especially for the young ones. They teach setting up

Got A Plan Young Buddy?
Young Man Thinking About His Future

smart objective goals in economics, in educational studies, and trades but, yet, we fail to set up our own actionable goals in real life.

While this is the most important tool, we still tend to ignore it. We are also taught how to budget and manage company budgets. However, we do not do budgeting in our own home affairs. These are all missed opportunities.

Talking about financial opportunities, it most likely sounds like a secretive affair. I might agree that it can be. A lot of people are after it. The large majority among us look for good jobs, jobs with benefits, fun, and most high paying ones to get money. And I can agree that most of them do get such jobs. That is what schools are all about.

Schools prepare workers who are hardworking enough to pull 50 years plus of their life looking for good money. They do not prepare us on how to use the money for financial success. They don’t tell us how money, actually, works. The story of money ends on how to count, and manage it for others.

Through the adulthood phase, people try out a large variety of business opportunities. Most fail, of course, because the owners don’t have credible resources and skills.

Which One Is The Right Resource For Money Making?

When embarking on information gathering, people rarely think that there could be such a collection in which it could be stored. At least, I can say that. I never thought, even once, that there could be a book that was the best enough to teach about money-making secrets.

This ignorance has become a tradition. The fact that no one ever mention about money workings in school led to total ignorance of it. So, are these best books secret? Well not anymore because you can now have access to them right from here.

The information contained in those kinds of books is never taught in school. I wonder who forbade it. After you acquire the knowledge that you will get from them, you will be ready to be rich, no matter what happens. This is true because, what blocks hardworking people on the way to be rich is exactly what this knowledge is all, in all, and above all, about.

Financial success is a secret you can only get from financially successful people. By knowing who there are and what they do is an all-in-one key everyone needs to get money and riches. Grab it today and be well with money!

The Right Steps

What we are saying here has a lot to do with someone who is only hoping for success to come by. You do not have to do it in this order but I highly recommend it if you are ready to tell your own piece of the financial success story.

Solving Financial Issues
Youth Tackling Financial Issues
  • Obviously, getting a wake-up call such as reading an article on money like this would be a great start;

  • Find resources to enrich your understanding, namely financial or investment books;

  • set up your long term goal on personal finance, mostly 5, 10 or even 30 years, but not less than 5;

  • Refine your goal by making it actionable or SMART. That is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed;

  • Train yourself on budgeting skills;

  • Start looking for ways to fund your project;

  • Start implementing;

  • Set a time table for regular follow-ups.

If you can be ready to do all that mentioned on the list above, you can be rich. The rest will be found as you go. All you need for now is a good start.

You do not need to refine your journey at this stage because when you start, you will be already creating experiences that will add up over time. But if you get stuck somewhere, all you will do is ask.

We are in the process of putting together the necessary informational products. I invite you to check often as this article is being continually updated as more materials become available.

Please leave a comment and share it with the people you care about! This will shape my focus as I gather more material.

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  1. I really like how you used the SMART goals to tie together your article and give an actionable item for people to really start their journey. I agree with what you said about how helpful it is to read books that are relevant to your journey, I am trying to pinpoint those books to read right now actually.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Kay. Those books themselves will be pinpointed for you in the near future. It’s a process to bring all those materials together


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