From a traditional local convenient store to online retail store, from traditional social networking to online social networking, and now,

from traditional high speaker local marketing to online marketing, it’s clear that the internet is the new customer destination of future marketplace.

Billions of people login to specific websites or simply navigate the internet shopping for products and services, every second of every day. But, how does one earn money online from home out of all these potential customers?

Since where there is people there is also needs to be met, then needs to be met for someone else means money

What is a Website?

For a definition, a website is defined as a location that is connected to the internet and that has pages that can be accessed from the World Wide Web. This is to say that it is a physical location with information that is accessible over the internet.

The world wide web itself is a system of information that is linked to each other through the use of hypertext links, with the ability to navigate from one information page to the other by clicking on or following the link.

In these days, information that can be accessed could be virtually anything that is not secret or does not pause harm to an individual person or intellectual property once it is accessed.

Those types of restricted information can be health related information, personally identifying information or proprietary information of a company.

Since a website possesses information, that means it is much more valuable.

Can You Make Money With A Website?

How To Make Money Online From Home
Wanna Know How To Make Money Online?

Asking whether or not one can make money with a website is as good as asking why the owner of the website decided to let other people access that information.

I could be for letting the public know what he has that benefits others, or marketing. That will mean also that the owner either has products or services that they need the public to know.

It could be for free or for a fee. It can as well be for pure merchandises such as, or

Free information is available on government and activist websites. How does then a website make money for the owner? This is accomplished through advertisements or ads.

Since people frequently visit that location or website, it means that, in addition to getting the information that is there, there is also a possibility of seeing something else someone else has to offer.

A second way of earning money online from home via a website which is straightforward will be for making a storefront website.

That will be a website whose purpose is to display products or services for visitors to buy just like what those major retailers are doing.

There are many ways one can earn money online just as there are many services that pay while they are still done online.

Those are of course services such as trading currencies with forex or stocks on New York Stock Exchange or other platforms.

freelance writing, self-publishing books, referrals to services and products, doing surveys, youtube videos and ultimately, selling your own photos.

These activities can all be accomplished from anywhere on the globe as long as one has a good broadband connection and a laptop or smartphone with higher capabilities. 

With the fact that most banking institutions have now started offering Automatic Teller Machine card (ATM card),

folks from all other the world can now access financial services that were not available in the past.

Those are easy payment systems: to pay for what you shopped online and get paid for what you’ve accomplished online.

Let’s say that you developed a Youtube channel that has started earning money through ads placed on videos. You do not have to have a bank account in the US to get paid. 

You can either use the identifying information of your bank account overseas to have your payment directly deposited in your account

or you can sign up with Paypal using your ATM card and  your payment will be deposited in your account through your card.

You can even choose to leave it in your Paypal account and access it with your card just like your other bank account.

Except for the retailer_type of website, most payments earnings are in the form of commissions.

So, depending on how much time one is active in doing those types of online activities, your commission can range from $100 to $2000 thousand a month.


Website vs Real Estate Property

This is where money is

Investors in the online market value a website as much as a real estate property for what it can provide to the investor.

To be specific, let’s say a commercial real estate property such as an office space building or a rental real estate property.

For those types of properties, someone pays a monthly amount to use these spaces units. Some websites’ services are paid in the form of subscriptions for the services they offer.

Such websites are news media, cloud based services, learning courses and weight loss or health counseling or payment processing handling services.

Another reason a website is compared to a real estate property is the fact that once registered, it is yours and only yours.

No one else will register your website name or appropriate your contents to themselves. The quality of the contents means the value of the website.

Anyone can build, create or own a website just like a physical property. It was a nightmare in the past to think about owning a website because one had to be a computer programmer.

However, these days, owning a website is a common thing that anyone can do.Learn The Skills Earn Money Online

As long as you can write and read, and you have products, services or simply information you’ve love to share to the world, all at once, unlike any other popular store brand, a website is a perfect tool.

Affiliate Marketing All-In-One

Whenever you navigate the internet, chances are that for every website you open up, there are more that what is expected to be found on that website. There is other information leading you out to other websites.

They are called Ads. They are there for marketing what they have to offer and the website on which you found them gets paid for displaying them on this website that you are visiting.

It results that websites, in earning money online from home, refer each other. They are intertwined together through links.

It’s either they are there just as ads or are in agreement with the website owner.

In this last case, they are referred to as affiliate links, or someone else agreed to pay a commission to this website owner in case a visitor follows that ads and ends up purchasing a product or service.

The most known website that teaches how affiliate marketing works over the internet in Wealthy Affiliate.

From a Wealthy affiliate website, not only does one learn how all these internet tricks are done, but also makes money in the process.

They are many top website hosting companies out there. Meaning that just like a property title servicing agency, the website hosting companies do the job of making websites optimally available and protected over the internet.

Top five website hosting companies are the following:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • InMotion Hosting
  • Hostinger
  • GoDaddy

To have your website be registered, available and protected from hackers on the internet, one has to have it serviced by some of those, and others.

In doing that job, one pays a monthly premium to them. However, Wealthy affiliate will teach anyone how to build a website,

how to make money with it and still offer all of those hosting services that other companies offer even for less.

What you get for signing up

You can start, learn, build your first website and have it running today completely free with tones of help on your side. You do not have to start a paid lesson if you are not ready.

It is for sure that there will be a monthly fee for learning all of those tricks, but it is still very low.

Hosting a website with a traditional web hosting company, one has to be able to build his own website using high tech professionals, pay security premiums, pay for more email account spaces and so on.


The fact is that for the world of today and tomorrow to survive, a website is surely the next generation for retailers, social networking, social romances and schooling.

A website is a virtual real estate that generates as much as an actual physical real estate whether commercial or residential does. Just like people go door to door for marketing,

in a virtual situation affiliate marketing does the catch for disseminating information from one person to the other through a simple click.

As many people shop, study and attend conferences online without the hustle of driving even in impoverished countries through their mobile phones,

it is inevitable that marketing online will continue to thrive, and a lot of people will continue to earn money online from home on the comfort of their couch.

This is not a get_rich_quick kind of stuff, it is an investment of your time and mind. It takes time to build. However, once it has flourished, it will continue to pour in your pocket.

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