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Money Puzzle Box For Adults-Solve It Get Money

Money Puzzle Box For Adults

This is the kind of money puzzle box you always wanted; the marvelous, the magic box filled with money. It means that once you open it, which is already figured out for you, you get money. However, it is still a puzzle. You will have tones of fun!

Young ones can play it, too. But this time, let’s focus on adults. So, play it, have fun, and get money! There are six boxes, in total. The more you are able to open, the more money you get.

The Budgeting Money Puzzle Box

All over the world, people in urban areas have the same expenses. This is true. They may not be the same in quantity, however, but, there are the same in categories. We all pay for basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, transportation and currently, Internet

Except for some residents in rural areas of tropical zones on this planet who do not basically need electricity for survival, shelter comes with some components like electricity, water, and ventilation.

Most people in rough zones on this planet are so familiar with these utility obligations to the extent that they feel like there is no need to write the bills and track them down on a monthly basis.

But this is a financial success weakness since neglecting to track them down will invite more negligence on most common expenditures.

It results that people will also neglect to track expenses on clothing, food, gas for cars, phone bills and so on. At the end of the month, they fall short on money and they wonder where it went.

Normally, only people who have a serious financial goal to attain do use a monthly budget. The example I came up with shows a negative balance.

Basic Budget Part 1Basic Budget Part 2

If you ever find yourself at any level of a negative balance, that is a sign that you needed to use a budgeting habit way far back, in your life. A negative balance becomes a puzzle when you start to figure out how to bring in up to positive without having to change your job.

One area to start with is to identify things you spend on that are not really “basic needs”. Reduce consumption or eliminate them completely. Life can still go on fine without them. In our example, there are things like TV Cable and Streaming services.

Also, the cell phone bill can be reduced if you shop well. Eating out! Can you cook? If you do, then, you have up to $500 back in your pocket. Adjust those, get money!

Save On shopping Money Puzzle Box

When someone is still struggling financially, they need to shop for “utility”, not “vanity”. This is a case of when the product need is available in two or more quality levels. If the lowest can still do what you intended to accomplish with it, shop less.

You see, I used the word “need” not “want”. One can only afford to buy what they want in they will have a lot of money. Even then, it may be seen as squandering. So, If you have to let money go on something, you should really ask yourself whether you need it or simply want it.

It’s easy to answer. If you can go on without it, you want it. Life becomes a little not so good when you practice this approach. However, if you have a financial goal in mind, it is as usual or even fun.

What you enjoy is a reward of reaching your financial milestone and move to the next.  Shop on discounts and save on every small penny difference. They may be pennies but they add up. A whole one unit of money is made up of small pieces of money.

For those whose currency does not use monetary denomination that is less than one, consider the ones. In other countries, even ones are still of less value compared to products.

Those currencies have to add up until the basic unit of purchasing power has reached 5, 10 or even 100. In Uganda for example, 5UGX, read 5 Uganda Shillings can not by anything.

In any case, the fact that those units cannot by a commodity does not make them valueless. Compared to the US dollar, you will need this much 3,690.25UGX to have one dollar.

In case you miss 0.05UGX, you will not have one dollar, if the exchange was to take place at this second I pulled out this quote. Now, 0.05 UGX highlighted above is equivalent to 0.0000135617USD. Do you see how valuable it is, basically?

This is to say that you cannot have a whole unit, without those pieces. So, save them. An example is in a fuel station, currently, in my city, the gas price is around $1.98/gal and $2.22/gal.

I’ve been seeing gas stations that have prices of up to 45 cents of difference. And what is even more surprising is that people do pump on them.

Are they that blind? I don’t know. do you think about those folks who do not bother checking the price?

On that example above, let’s say that you pumped at $2.17/gal and your car fills with 15 gallons. Because it was possible to find a $2.02 in just two miles of distance, you lost 15cents/gal. For your full tank, you lost $0.15×15 gal=$2.25.

If you fill twice a month, you lost $4.50. Not a lot? Wait until you see what else you will go lost.

Meat Beef stew meat. One pack for $13.15 between 2lbs and 3.5lbs at $5.48/lbs and another for $6.46 between 0.68lbs and

Price Per Unit

1.31lbs at $5.98/lbs. Regardless of how much the price is and how many pounds in weight it is, I want you to concentrate on the price per unit.

Here, the actual prices that get money out of your pocket are $5.48/lbs and $5.98/lbs. the difference is $0.50, a half dollar. It is a large difference. If you buy 5lbs at $5.98 which seems cheap when you look at the pack price, $6.46, you will lose $2.50.

With these two examples only, which constitute products that most people

Price Per Unit, Your Money

shop for, you’ve already lost $5 on one day. So, if you left home with $50 to shop, and you neglected those pieces on most items in your cart, you might end up losing up to $10 that same day only.

Allow not money to go on something it is not supposed to go for, just

the same was you wouldn’t leave you money on the floor after it fell off your hand, and walk away. It’s the same thing.

Not a puzzle yet? This is just to mention a few about where the money goes. But, let’s keep pressing on…

Save On Schooling Money Puzzle Box

The right school, the right program, the right cost, and the right distance are most factors parents and future students consider when selecting a college. If that was the case for consideration, we would hope that the decision might be right.

Unfortunately, some people simply enroll in a college because the name sounds great. People who go to school are in two categories:

One who wants leisure because even if they do not go to school, their family is well enough to support them. When they go to school, they then learn things they enjoy doing regardless of whether they will be able to land a good job or not.

The others are people who have to go to school to look for skills as soon as possible so that they can support themselves. In both categories, there is money to be made right on the bench of school.

If you love what you study, then doing well so that you can use scholarships instead of out-of-pocket. There are a lot of them out there.

If you want skills, The best way to go is through apprenticeships. These train you while they pay you for most of them. If you decide to go to college, look for a community college that offers the skills you need. They are very cost-effective.

In both cases, you want to finish without a debt, and possibly with money. Debts are useful, but not one from school. And, if possible, start making big plans for it.

Save On Eating Money Puzzle Box

The biggest chunk of money box is lost in eating. What do I mean by eating? Money is meant for eating or spending. That is why we work for it; right? Well, if your eating out lifestyle makes you happy today and tomorrow, good for you.

However, if you have a future financial burden you would like to take off your shoulders, then checking now how much you spend on eating out alone will give you more money.

An average meal plate in an average restaurant is $10. Lunch and dinner cost you $20 a day. If you never cook at home, that is $600 a month. On the other average, a family of two with a child can use $200 a month if they use their kitchen.

We are not taking into account money going for electricity for a stove use or water because we did not add money going for snacks and drinks either. Those should cancel out each other.

Fortunately, you still can still save $400 just for cooking and health insurance on ricks of injury of having to drive every day to a restaurant, or food-related sicknesses.

When you prepare your meal at home, not only are you adding passion to the table but also, it is the safest meal you can ever have. Restaurant meal passes through a long process of handling.

You cannot guarantee that by the time it is on your table, it is safe. We just hope it will be safe. For now, let’s focus on saving that money.

Save On Income Money Puzzle Box

So many people complain about their income for not being enough. Some will even theorize that money can never be enough. Some more have already settled themselves in a comfort zone of believing that they cannot ever get enough money.

And, many more have come to believe that those complaints are real because, why else would so many people feel the same was.

If those complaints are true. Someone who finds their income not enough, even if you double it, or triple it, it will still be not enough. Is it confusing? It should be simple.

Can you spend $10,000 a day? Can you spend $100,000 a day? can you do the same for $1million? I mean if it is possible. The answer is yes, you can, if you wanted too. Money can only leave you through expenses.

Most people spend even money they do not have. This is usually through the overuse of credit cards and loans. But also, in the case of someone who just got a new job or promotion.

They start spending money that they have not worked for, yet, in what they call celebrating the new opportunity. I got a new job, let’s go celebrate! In this way, you first pay is coming to pay for the debt you already incurred the moment you got the offer.


From where we started, we’ve been describing money behaviors that are common and traditional. This is where it becomes a puzzle.

It is when we fail to see the budget, shopping school, eating out and income money as puzzles that we fail to play the right way.

People resist change. And the only way of recovering from any financial dip is to allow ourselves to embrace change

The understanding is so critical. This is how opportunities are created, and lucks are met.

  • Make a good plan,

  • Budget your current financial situation

  • Save in any way you can

  • Spend moderately

  • Complain less and learn new ways of living. You cannot prevent change.

You will have money to finance your plan, and the money puzzle will be solved and boxed.

Please share your thought in the comment box below, and though social to welcome more views on this issue!

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