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Paul Kagame Biography – Genius On SMART Goal Setting

Rwanda SMART Goal Example 2020His Excellence Paul KagamePresident Paul Kagame is the head of the Republic of Rwanda and a champion of economic development in the world.
Rwanda is a country, in East Africa, that saw the genocide of Tutsi bringing it down to its knees, in 1994. Without Paul Kagame, there would have been no Rwanda economic development, today.
Judging from what they passed through, Rwandans should only be crying every day. But Paul Kagame promised Rwandans that they needed to forgive, and forge ways to wipe away their tears. They needed to smile. He had a vision, a smart goal that he would have realized by 2020. If we have to talk about Smart goal setting examples, then, he is a living genius.
Back To His Roots With Visions
As someone who grew up in exile, in Uganda, he always struggled to seek for a way forward from which he could come back to his country of birth, Rwanda.
He grew up knowing that he would have to fight the regime on power if he had to come back. And so, he did. While in Uganda, as the country was having its own war, Kagame offered a hand.
Because of his enthusiasm to win, he ranked up quickly to top military officials with a focus on the intelligence community. He fought hard along with Rwanda Patriotic Front.
Two attempts of visiting his home country were enough for Kagame to define the necessary steps of how he was going to save Rwanda; with him at the top.
In 2000, the parliament elected him president after the resignation of Pasteur Bizimungu.
This presented him with the opportunity he always wanted to implement his 2020 vision.
From Seclusion to Security
Paul Kagame fought hard as head of a rebel group, Rwandan Patriotic Front, RPF.Rwanda 1994
RPF fought so well that they pushed and mitigated the horrific damages of the genocide against Tutsi perpetrated by the Hutu regime on power in 1994.
In only 100 days of the massacre, genocide against Tutsi claimed the lives of about 800 000 people.
It was terrible to think that Rwanda and Rwandans were going get up one day, console themselves and work hard to distinguish on the world stage, as they have proved.
Fortunately, they had the genius of planning, the only person in all modern Africa who is willing to be proud of the accomplishments of his people.
The only one who does not sit down and whine about his country being small and poor. The only one who does not play the victim. That someone is His Excellence President Paul Kagame.
He worked hard to fight and keep troublemakers out of his country’s borders. He made Rwanda the only country to get rid of landmines in the shortest period of time.
He had a vision; he wanted to work; he wanted to get rid of corruption; he wanted to live the future in the present.
From Crying To Crafting
Paul Kagame’s ideals are always for crafting new goals. From government restructuring to technological manufacturing, he promised that his country must win first in Africa.
In only 19 years of his presidency, he has accomplished so much that his counterparts in the region are so envious of him.
Others like Tanzania, with Joseph Magufuri on top, has chosen to follow his footsteps
He made his country cleaner than any other in Africa; the capital city Kigali the cleanest ever witnessed.
Rwanda does not complain about energy resources. The country’s roadways rank on the world’s standard with disability access.
Technologically, the country stands out in the region on telecommunication and record keeping. If you got customer service in Rwanda, you would not believe that you are actually in Africa.
He made the payment system for services bank centered than hand to hand cash processing. This reduced temptation.
Also, the prices of most services are accessible to all on the government websites. This takes care of misinformation about services’ costs.
Of course, that changes the moment you get out to the border. And, guess what you get, a disappointment.
From Africa To The World StageRwanda SMART Goal Example
It is only when you have Paul Kagame biography
  • that you can go from a smart goal to a smartphone in Africa; with Mara, the first made in Africa smartphone;
  • that you can go from sitting to satellite in orbit, now they can even do farm works accurately than ever;
  • that you can go from driving on the highway to drones delivering blood to remote areas of your country;
  • that you can go from kitchen to cabinets positions for most women;
  • that you can go from local investing to globally attracting investors.
Usually, we know of Africa as a continent of poor countries. This time, if a country has to be poor, it’s because it has a poor and unwilling mindset.
2020 marks a year of Rwanda moving from poor to mid-income status. This trend is only changing to better when its economy is growing between 7.5% to 8.5% each year.
You Can Do It
If you don’t have a plan for yourself, chances are that you are living in someone else. But President Paul Kagame did not want to be pushed around in somebody else’s plan.
We all go through the process of thinking, most of the time. Since we have to think, why not think big. What are we afraid of losing?
However, we lose a lot more by thinking too small; too small to be useful, we lose. The struggle of Paul Kagame and Rwanda should inspire us.
Yes, we are not a country. But, remember that, there was not a successful country without a strong, and determined head. You are the head of your family, and your family is your territory.
Our brains can do a lot more than our hearts allow it to do. In this sense, we are our own obstacle.
Remember how many times you told yourself that you could not do something? That was you blocking your brain’s initiative to do something.
All you needed to do was to allow its thinking process to flow out, and point your inner eyes to see the details in the flow.
Paul Kagame did the thinking. He knew his country was poor. He also knew that his brain was not poor. And therefore, he respected that awesomeness of it, disciplined his heart and he saw the details.
While following the tide of the thinking flow, he saw that 2020 was a good number for his magic to have been performed.

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