Fast but far is a better road when delivering pizza. Learn it from the guy who did it fulltime. 

We will get to that later. How are pizza delivery driver jobs like? Most people do not take a pizza delivery job seriously. 

They just think that it’s for supplemental income. Then it becomes what they want it to be – a supplemental income instead of a business. Pizza delivery driver jobs can be a good entry level job if you want it too. 

However don’t forget that your auto insurance company regards it as a business. So, use your personal coverage at your own risk. 

Every business has its own risks, in addition to the risks you expose yourself to by spending most of the time in traffic, insurance coverage is one more.

What Are Pizza Delivery Jobs’ Pay Like?

On average, Pizza delivery driver jobs pay $8 to $9 per hour. That is excluding gas reimbursement. Bonuses may be included which are allowances added to your base rate based on how the team fulfills the orders in promised deadlines.

Is that good enough to risk all that we said and your nice vehicle?

Most of the time, if not all, doing a pizza delivery driver job will require you to use your own vehicle. Now, the pay could be good if you have a budget handy.

Every pay will never be enough without a budget to measure it to. I started with my own new vehicle ( bought without down payment) and in twelve months, I had already paid off a $6600 car, and $1250 in college financial aid delinquency.

Still I was able to save $6000 more to travel overseas for 5 months. Yes, I was on a strict budget, I cooked home sometimes and rarely used restaurants accept meal allowances from where I worked.

So, that is 

8hr x $8.25=$66 per day

$66 x 20days=$1320 per month in gross payment

Tips? How Do Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs Tip?

Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs

I know you’ve been waiting for this. Pizza delivery driver jobs are tips jobs just like a server, except that you serve customers at their doorsteps.

Now, tips vary a lot. They can range from 0 cents to $50 per delivery. This does not mean that the average tip is $25. No, no and no. In fact, the average tip you will most get is $5. Anything above that is a better tip.

However, don’t be surprised that someone will hand you $15, or $50. For a special order, say in a hospital or party, a large order of $200 plus worth can tip you $35 to $50.

So, based on your budget, let say that your minimum daily tips is set at $30. That becomes

$30 x 20day=$600 per month. 

This is to be sober because you can go home with $50, or $75. Another day it can be just $25. It will be rare that you make over $100 in pizza delivery driver jobs. It can however be common if you deliver in a big metropolitan like LA or New York. What about gas?

Gas Allowances

The gas reimbursement can be anywhere from $1.25 to $1.75 based on location. This will be computed on per delivery basis.

In an average city of up to 2.5M of residents, you can expect to make an average of 16 orders per day. That is 

16 x $1.25=$20

Usually, you will be given that $20 at the beginning of the shift to use a change. At the end of the shift, you will then sit down with your manager to do a shift reconciliation.

This sitting will take into account all orders you made that day. Credit cards orders are probably automatically counted for you, you will only have to account for cash orders.

Some locations will let you keep everything in your locker box during the shift and others will require you to be cashing out at every return from delivery.

Pizza delivery drivers get to keep every tip. So, for cash tips, you need to disclose it to your manager. It is between your honesty and the government.

For a sedan car, you can go to the pump for gas maybe twice a week. You see that you do also make money by selling your gas except that the vehicle will claim it back in maintenance costs.

If you add the two incomes highlighted above, you have a gross of $1820. Divide that by hours in a month and you get your hourly rate. $1820/160hours=$11.37/hour minimum.

 Remember, we only based our estimate on the minimum daily tip. That can be great if you work 6 days per week, and run a lot of deliveries.

How to Be an Efficient Driver

I started with fast but far or far but fast.  A rule that I called FbF. A car uses less gas on the highway than on city street.

Learn and know your area. You see, the time you have is limited to 8hours in your ship with as many as 5 drivers in competition for the same deliveries.

The better and efficient you become the more deliveries you are able to make and hence chances for more tips. However, be safe while you do that too.

The far but fast rule means that you would prefer a highway to a city road if the option allows it. A freeway compared to a stop and go road. However, a stop and go road may be better if the freeways have more controlled intersections.

You stop for only the amount  of time necessary to get a clear view as opposed to waiting for the light to change. 

Use more right than left turns

Speed, a posted 30Mph does not necessarily mean 30 or less Mph. You are allowed to go 5% over the posting. Yes, this is a secret between you and me. You have a parking ticket on hand?

Check speeding that is punishable. The police patrol cannot be triggered with a speed that is at 7% over the posted speed limit. 

That is to say, 37Mph at a 30Mph road. But I tried to be sober and kept it at 5%. ‘Does this make a difference? Tell me about it but I would say that it does and a whole lot of it. Still not sure about this?

Pizza delivery drivers get orders on a first come first serve basis. If you arrive 2seconds before the other driver, you get the available delivery. 

He might have to wait for 10min to get the next one. By that time you may be back. Maybe you delivered one block away. When you arrive, two orders are ready, he gets one, you get one. That makes it two for you, one for him in 10 min.

In Store Tactics

What if there is nothing to deliver? Well among your duties on pizza delivery driver jobs are 

  • Helping in taking orders on the phone or in person
  • Helping in frying wings or chips or any other that use a fryer
  • Prepping menu for the next day
  • Washing dishes

While you do some of these tasks, don’t forget that you are a driver. So, keep an eye on the screen for the next available and who is up for it.

Try to respond at once or start getting ready if you see it nearing completion to minimize lag time. The time you have is more important than anything else this business or before everything in life for that matter.

If I were you, when the manager called up your name while I was doing preps, I’d just drop whatever was in my hands. It can wait. You have the entire shift to do the preps. Just be nice with it!

Unless it was a menu that is eaten raw such as salad that you would have close and put away in the refrigeration room.

Want more tricks? Sure, you head out to your car, be ready with the keys, know a faster way to get in and out of your vehicle.

At the customers doorsteps, know how to draw it out of the pouch safe but quickly. If there is anything to sign, you should have arranged all receipts in a nice ready to sign order with a pen on top of it.

The last thing you want is to be without a pen, and a customer scramble looking for a pencil from their kids backpacks. 

When she comes back with it, she will nicely apologize for having you wait there. But, really, you are supposed to apologize for wasting her time and yours.

If you are reading this now, there may be no signing requirement due to distancing protocol. But this is something that does say you money. While you are standing there, if not in summer, your competitor is heading back to get the next order.

Believe me, customers will usually not waste your time. They want their food, you might be spelling out what is on the menu while she is trying to close the door on you. 

In pizza delivery driver jobs, you should only be delayed by something that is not in your control such as lights, and customers who forgot that they don’t have cash and have to have you wait while they call the store to make a credit card payment and end up not having a tip.

This is all you need to arm yourself in pizza delivery driver jobs. If you have any questions that I have not addressed here while you think about taking on this job, please shoot me in the comments below.

Oh, don’t forget to claim your car depreciation on your tax return. You might end up not paying federal taxes. You can choose to log every mile you drive or you can just say what you want. Just don’t go far enough to warrant the IRS audit.

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