Chances are you’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and now you are here to confirm whether or not it can be trusted and offer what it promises to offer.

You’ve taken a very important step toward success, and your curiosity has paid off already.

Is It a Scam or Real?

I am going to try my best to prove it to you that you are not mistaken for deciding to join. The problem with a lot of folks is the fact that they do not want to put in any little work to get successful. But since you are here to verify what you’ve heard about Wealthy affiliates review, I am going to do just that.

Without wasting your time, check out how many people have commented on my account so far.Wealthy Affiliate Review In only 14 minutes ago, 14K people have commented on my money goals which is just a declarative statement about what I want in Wealthy Affiliate. And in 5days, 400K have commented on it.

Now these are real people. I did not make up those numbers and as you can see, it’s a screen grab of my account. Inside there, it’s like a social network, except that, all the folks in there are all entrepreneurs learning how to make money online and most of them are already making it.

New members join every minutes and from all over the globe. Does that make it too competitive and hence less opportunities? No. Remember that it is the internet as a market target, and this is too wide to be less for opportunities. Just like there are a variety of business demands, there should also be a variety of business offers.

What you will choose to offer could be the same or different from what and how another member will offer it.

What Makes The Offer for Money?Wealthy affiliate Money Maker

When people browse the internet, they will enter the exact name if they are sure of what it is. They enter keywords if they don’t know exactly the name of what they are looking for.

Well, guess what, Wealthy Affiliate is equipped with a research tool, jaaxy which is loaded with all keywords that people enter into the search engines such as google, yahoo and bing searches.

This is to say that websites are there to offer answers to those searches by providing contents of what they are exactly looking for. Here is an example of how many people, on average, search for how to make money online. The keyword for that was “making money online”. 5588 people per month do that, probably including you!

I am sure you’ve searched for a number of items on the internet and used a number of keywords. You can see that as you type your keyword in google, there is a suggestion list which tells you that a number of other people have done the same before you.

With them, a number of websites suggesting the answer were there. You either found the answer on the first link you clicked or on an affiliate link in the link you opened as an ads.

Those are the same techniques that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you. Then your website got found. When the number of people that find your content increases based on the quality of the information you provided, that is an Wealthy Affiliate Live Trainingequivalent of real people visiting a convenient store. And, this is the aim of the website or any store. They all need to be found and visited. Look at how many people signed up for live training in the screen grab above, 470 real people among members.

Is It Truly Free, Like In Free Free?

Yes, free. You can build your first and second website for free. That means that you’ll have taken lessons for the whole first phase on building websites. You have access to Jaaxy, and can perform up to 30 searches for keywords.  You can get help through the community of other members unlimitedly. Wealthy affiliate Training

A private coaching may be limited to a week for free. However, even whatever a private coach tells you is also available through the community answers’ section and it can be an immediate answer as people are always there 24/7.

It is also worth saying that there is a free version of course and a paid version or premium membership which will offer unlimited everything. For those who are already familiar with building websites, for only $19 a year, you have your website hosted with all the features.

You don’t have to pay for a website domain, you can keep your free one if you are so pleased. It’s just that with the one you buy, you will be able to customize it and make it reflect your personal brand. It can be a .com, .org, .net, .biz, etc. You can sign up free now if you are pleased so far.

Also, you are familiar with these “free” tactics that end up getting you to enter your credit card info for a free trial and bill you if you don’t cancel on time. No, No, and No. I said there are two versions. A free version will never ask you to keep any credit info on file in any case.

You start free, and stay free as long as you choose to upgrade to premium. It’s not like the business will be tired of you and cancel on you if you do not upgrade. No. I am sure you will realize how much you could be losing by staying free and upgrade anyway. There will be a lot of offers that you will not be able to deny.

Is the Training Serious and Efficient to Deliver the Promise?

You will learn everything from the whole idea of marketing on the internet and guide you step by step, task by task until they are sure that you are where you want to be. When you succeed, they succeed.

So, the layout of the training and the sequence can get anyone out of their shell of fear, timidity and doubt to make money online techniques. As you complete a lesson, you do a hands-on practice on building your website or contents creation or marketing of your already_created pages or posts.

Remember that it is a marketing company and so they know how to get a customer to act with words, pictures and offers.

It is top curriculum as we call it Wealthy Affiliate university. Again, you don’t need to be a writer. As long as you can tell a story in writing, it is the same thing. Customers need to only understand the description of what they want because they know what they want. All you need to do is to tell them that it is the one, it is legit, and how to find it.

You will learn to know who your customers are based on the niche you wanted to work on. The niche being a finite category that is answering to a question such as that a customer puts into the search engine.

Ways to Make Money On Your websites

When you decide on what to answer on by choosing a niche, you will also decide whether you want to do your own niche or contents promoting products or services of your choice going forward with different affiliate programs available:

  • Shoes
  • Health and beauty
  • Sports,
  • Books,
  • Outdoors
  • Electronics

Or if you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself by marketing it over the net. If you choose a category such as shoes, you will need to go ahead and determine which question you want to answer as shoes represent a broad category.

Are you going for Nike shoes, disability shoes, sport shoes or walking shoes, comfort shoes? They will teach you all about that, but you can see that a customer will not just search for shoes, but something specific. Work sneakers for less than $100 for women for example is what a customer searches for.

Big companies sell their products and services through affiliate commision offering for websites or individual marketers.

Affiliate commissions
How Affiliate Commissions Work

On Wealthy Affiliate, if you get 3 referrals per day and 2 upgrades to premium, and keep the average of 2 per month, you can make an income of $63 per month. I tried to be conservative in entering lower referral possibilities. But you can see in scenario 1 and 2 how much you can potentially make.Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

You can check on other ways to make money online here on another article.

Once your website has ranked in google and other search engines for providing quality contents, not best writing, monetization begins and will continue to bring income for you through ads and referral purchases commissions.

Again, this is not a get_rich_quick stuff. If that is what you were hoping for, I apologize for this takes some time to build and perfect. There is a lot of help out there.

Website anatomy

For those who are not familiar with what a website is actually, here is a breakdown for it.

Example: Https://

Http: is a protocol or machine language for communication. That is how a computer understands that what follows is a website kind of communication with the world.

Https: the added “s” is for security. So, https is a secure version of http.

Www: stands for world wide web. It designates how the contents online will be formatted as opposed to a word document.

Wealthy affiliate: this is the name of the business or domain.

.com is known as an extension. It indicates the kind of business the domain is and in early days of the internet, .com was supposed to be for “company”, but these days, even an individual can decide which extension to use except for .gov.

.org for organization, .net for network. You already know that .gov is for a government agency.

Therefore, once you’ve chosen which extension to use, the main part is to choose which name you want to represent your contents as a domain.

You are free to use your own name, or anything else. They will train you on how to make choices that will display your niche effectively.

How to join?

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